Providing a home for permanently injured wild animals which are incorporated into environmental education programs

Ohio Nature Education is a private non-profit volunteer organization which provides a home for over sixty wild animals that can no longer live in the wild. We incorporate these animals into environmental education programs for people of all ages. Our customers include schools, Scout troops, garden clubs, senior centers, metro parks, and community centers. Our programs feature many visuals such as study skins and pelts and interaction with our audience. We utilize different formats and can custom design for groups of virtually any size and age range.

A Special Message from the Animals and Mrs. Van

Each year we have a tradition where the animals share their experiences from the past year. We are excited to once again continue this tradition along with unveiling our brand new web site.  Please click here to read this message.  When you are done, be sure to go through the new site, sign up for our newsletter if you haven't already done so, and let us know what you think!  We look forward to many more years as stewards of the environment.

Need help with an injured, sick, or orphaned animal?

If you've found an injured, sick, or orphaned animal, please refer to the Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association's web site to find a local wildlife rehabilitator that can properly care for the animal. While your intentions to help the animal yourself are good, you may wind up doing more harm than good. Leave the rescue of wildlife to the experts.





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Make a  tax-deductible  donation via PayPal

Make a tax-deductible donation via PayPal

Featured Corporate Sponsors

Ohio Nature Education could not survive without the gracious help of various corporate sponsors. We would like to extend an extra special thank you to The Energy Cooperative and their Round Up Foundation who has sponsored numerous projects over the years, including the most recent web site redesign.