May will mark 20 years since we started Ohio Nature Education! We began with a Red tailed hawk and a Great horned owl and conducted 50-75 programs a year.   Since 1997, we’ve increased the number of animals that make ONE their home to more than 50, have conducted more than 3,500 programs, and our animals have come in contact with more than 600,000 people! Raising the next generation of conservationists and teaching people to have a positive impact on wildlife is still top priority, and we need it more today than ever!  Providing a home for native Ohio animals that are unable to return to the wild and giving them the best home possible is our most important priority.

Last winter, we met with a professional builder and his team. Unfortunately, some of our enclosures date back twenty years and are showing some wear & tear. We were informed that it will cost us $10,000 to refurbish the bird aviaries. It sounds like a lot of money, and for a small organization like ours, it is.  However, we have spent much more than that over the last 20 years building and maintaining these enclosures, our Wildlife Ambassadors’ permanent homes. In addition, what has taken us about 17 years to build would be completed in 3 weeks once we raise the funds.

And this is where YOU can help! We are officially launching a campaign to raise the $10,000 for this very important project.  The great news is that our longtime supporters, Jay & Yvonne Rine, have agreed to match the first $2,500 we raise which would put us halfway to our goal. We’d like to raise the funds to have the work done this summer.

Please consider making a donation via mail to the mailing address below or online with PayPal by clicking here.  Feel free to contact me through email ( or on my cell at 740 817-0155 if you would like to further discuss this matter, come out for a view of the enclosures,  or have any questions.

I thank you in advance and here’s to the next 20 years!

-Manon VanSchoyck aka "Mrs. Van"