How to Help

Ohio Nature Education receives no tax dollars, no state funding, and no federal funding.  We exist solely on program fees, donations, and grants.  The amount of money that we generate directly correlates with how many animals that we can provide a permanent home for or rehabilitate and release.  There are many ways that you can help; many you can do right now, such as donating through PayPal!

Volunteer Opportunities

Ohio Nature Education needs committed board members and volunteers to help us fulfill our mission and reach our goals.  We want your time and your special talents as we have a lot of work ahead of us!  We're providing the community with an ever-increasing number of programs, and we've added education animals to our "family."  Currently, we need fundraisers, PR people, financial wizards, attorneys, cage builders, animal care, and education program volunteers.  In short, we need all of you.  If you have time, volunteer!  If you have special talents, share them with us!  If you can help us raise the funds and supplies to house and feed our animals, we welcome you with open wings and outstretched paws!  Please download our volunteer interest form to become an Ohio Nature Education board member and/or volunteer. E-mail Mrs. Van or call her at (740) 967-8320 for more information.

Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of upcoming training and orientation events. We can also help you fulfill your graduation requirements or offer internships. Please contact us for additional information. You must be at least 16 years old and have your own transportation.


Ohio Nature Education is continually looking for interns. Please consider filling out an online internship application or download a PDF copy from our website.  E-mail Mrs. Van or call her at (740) 967-8320 for more information.

Make a Monetary / In-Kind Donation

Monetary donations are tax-deductible and a great way to support our wildlife ambassadors!  We offer online donations via PayPal, or you may also mail your donation to us as well.  To donate online, look for the convenient link on the bottom of every page on our web site!

We also accept in-kind donations of various goods that help support our education animals.  These goods include meal worms for the bats and flying squirrels (Nature's Way or Grubco), high quality canned or dry dog or cat food, unsalted, shelled nuts, paper towels, garbage bags, disinfecting wipes, straw bales, and building materials.  Contact Mrs. Van for our current needs.  You may also stop by any of the Central Ohio Wild Birds Unlimited stores, as well as Pet Supplies Plus in Newark to purchase items on behalf of Ohio Nature Education.  When in doubt, take a look at our current wish list on Amazon!

Go Krogering

You can help Ohio Nature Education out and not have to spend any extra money!  How?  Ohio Nature Education has partnered with the Kroger company's Community Rewards Program.  Grab your Kroger Plus card (or get one at your local Kroger store), register and confirm your information, and go to the My Account section of the site and add Ohio Nature Education.  You should see our name on the right side of the information page if you've done it correctly.  

Amazon Smile

Similar to the Kroger Community Rewards Program, you can help Ohio Nature Education by shopping on Amazon!  0.5% of your purchase total is donated by Amazon to ONE, provided you go to and choose Ohio Nature Education as your charity.  The more you shop, the more we benefit!  For more details about the Amazon Smile program, please click here.