Our Animals

Those of you who have seen us conduct programs know that we view our education animals as valuable education tools -- ambassadors for their wild cousins. They are NOT pets and we never treat them as such. However, for purposes of our Adopt-an-Animal sponsorship program, we have given each of our education animals a name.  We find that children, in particular, would rather sponsor "Scarlet," for example, than "the female Red-tailed hawk." With this in mind, we'd like to introduce you to our "Cast of Characters,"

Part of our mission is to provide a permanent home for more than sixty non-releasable wild animals that are either too sick or too injured to go back into the wild.  We've provided biographies for several of these animals on the following pages, but they do not account for a full list of all animals that are cared for by Ohio Nature Education.  These animals are as follows:

(5) Southern Flying Squirrels
(2) Great Horned Owls
(2) Barred Owls
(1) Peregrine Falcon
(3) Red Tailed Hawks
(2) Red Shouldered Hawks


(5) Eastern Screech Owls
(1) American Kestrel
(2) Turkey Vultures
(3) Red Fox Mixes
(3) Virginia Opposums
(2) Striped Skunks

(5) Big Brown Bats
(1) American Crow
(4) Eastern Box Turtles
(1) Corn Snake*
(1) Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula*
(1) Sinaloan Milk Snake*
* denotes non-native animal


Animal Biographies

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Other birds

Reptiles, Amphibians, and Tarantulas