About Ohio Nature Education

Ohio Nature Education is a private non-profit volunteer organization which provides a home for over sixty wild animals that can no longer live in the wild. We incorporate these animals into environmental education programs for people of all ages. Our customers include schools, Scout troops, garden clubs, senior centers, metro parks, and community centers. Our programs feature many visuals such as study skins and pelts and interaction with our audience. We utilize different formats and can custom design for groups of virtually any size and age range.

We are excited to be working with the Ohio Division of Wildlife with their Becoming an Outdoors Woman program.  This workshop gives women a chance to experience or improve their skills in various outdoor activities and build camaraderie with others.  For more information on this program, please visit their site.  We are also honored to be working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at the Ohio State Fair every year by offering programs in the ODNR Amphitheater.  This past summer at the 2013 Ohio State Fair, Ohio Nature Education was proud to not only conduct educational programs for fair-goers but also to have some of our animals on display throughout the duration of the fair.

Name the new Red tailed Hawk!

We are looking for a name for our new Red tailed hawk! Please submit ideas for names (female) to Mrs. Van via e-mail, regular mail, or on Facebook through December 31. Please include an explanation of why you think your choice is appropriate with your name suggestions. We'll announce the winning name via our website and Facebook page on January 1, 2016!

A Note from the Critters and Mrs. Van

Greetings! I am an as yet unnamed female Red-tailed hawk. I just came to live here with the other animals at ONE. I had been at the Medina Raptor Center’s wildlife rehabilitation hospital since spring. Last April, I was checking out an area that was occupied by another Red-tailed hawk, and we got into a territorial dispute. During our tussle, I was hit by a car, and this resulted in a fracture to my right wing. I had surgery but have permanent nerve damage to my wing and am unable to return to the wild. Fortunately, I will now become a wildlife ambassador, serving with the other 50+ animals that call Ohio Nature Education home. Currently I am acclimating to my new home in an enclosure by myself, but I will eventually live with Bella and Apollo, the Red-tailed hawks, and Igor and Ichabod, the Turkey vultures. So far,the food is good, my caretakers friendly and I am enjoying watching some of the other animals that live here.

The turtles are in the refrigerator hibernating; the opossums, skunks and foxes are nestled into the fresh straw; and the flying squirrels are storing their cache of food for winter. The winter panels will be put in place for the birds soon, and the bats have been moved indoors. 

Mrs. Van is hoping for a milder winter than the last two. It seems that she believes that these harsher winters contribute to higher “hormonal influx” in us in the spring. We’ve heard her grumble more than once that while human teenagers are not easy to contend with, people should try dealing with hormonal Great horned owls, foxes and the like! :)

So, as all of us education animals settle snugly into our enclosures, we wanted to ask you for your support in helping us all live comfortably under the care of ONE. We know that the holidays are around the corner, and we hope that you enjoy safe travels and a happy holiday season and that you don’t forget about us. Remember that each of us – except for the tarantulas and Red rat snake -- faced being put to sleep if ONE hadn’t come to the rescue. ONE has provided us with safe and secure homes and good food, and we get to live out the rest of our lives with these great folks! But ONE needs your help to continue to take care of us. ONE receives no State or Federal funds, and supports itself almost entirely from the money we animals earn by going out and visiting you!

We welcome any tax deductible contributions you can make. You can also lend a hand by visiting the Wild Birds Unlimited Stores in Westerville at 720 N. State Street and in Reynoldsburg at 6839 East Broad Street. Each of these businesses has a display with “wish list” items that you can purchase for us. Anything you can do will make a big difference! Look for us at Half Price Books on Lane Avenue from December 12th-24th, where we will be wrapping purchases for donations.  In addition, you can check out the “How to Help” section of our website. Thanks for letting us share with you!! And Happy Holiday Season!

-The opossums, foxes, bats, hawks, vultures, kestrels, owls, crows, squirrels, snakes, skunks, turtles, spiders and Peregrine falcon!

Another year has flown by, and it's been another busy year - which is to be expected. With our honeybee, Monarch butterfly, and precious bat populations plummeting, we have no choice but to continue our mission of environmental educations.  And so...on we go into our 19th year! I have been expanding my astronomy knowledge through workshops being offered by the Astronomy Society of the Pacific (ASP) so that we can increase the programs that we offer. I'd hate to think that future generations will grow up unable to see the Milky Way! What could be more fun than teaching size comparisons of planets by displaying a three pound ball of play dough or using mini Oreo cookies to teach about moon phases!

Last year at this time we were dealing with the loss of our regular food source. We are happy to announce that a generous rehabilitator in Michigan found another source and is sharing her bounty with other wildlife rehabilitators and educators. The supply is not as great as our previous source, but we are thankful that we are not faced with purchasing all of the food for our education animals. We've had to make adjustments in some areas and have been creative in others. Having said that, Jim and I are bound and determined to ensure that the animals always enjoy a great quality of life while they live out the remainder of their lives here at Ohio Nature Education. There is no other option but to make it work .We owe them that much!

We hope that we can count on you, our loyal supporters, customers, volunteers, sponsors and members. And we thank you so much for all your support, both now and through the years!

We received a grant for new website design by year's end, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  LIKE our Facebook page.  If you shop at Kroger, you can designate ONE as your organization of choice through the Kroger Community Rewards program. You can also lend a hand while making all of your online purchases by using the Amazon Smile program and, again, designating ONE as your charity of choice. And, lastly, we are happy to announce that iGive has nearly 2,000 stores and websites that will donate a portion of your purchase to ONE. If you download the iGive icon onto your desktop or tablet, a reminder will pop up anytime you visit one of their designated stores.

From all of us at Ohio Nature Education, we wish you and yours a Joyous Holiday Season and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

-Manon VanSchoyck (a.k.a. Mrs. Van), Founder & Executive Director

Summer Reading Program

We are excited to partner with the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Summer Reading Program.  On May 31, 2014, Mrs. Van and Hiboux joined Gregg Dodd on WBNS 10TV to talk about the program.

ONE on Fox 28 Good Day Columbus

We would like to thank Dana Turtle and Fox 28's Good Day Columbus for stopping out on Monday, November 25.  See the clip below!

Volunteers Needed

Interested in helping support our mission?  Feel free to fill out our Volunteer Interest Form or contact Mrs. Van for additional information.  You must be at least 16 years old and have your own transportation.

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